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Red Sea Moments

I am sitting down to write this as I’ve just celebrated the Biblical account of Passover in our home with my Husband.  This is something new for us as a family.  We are learning that the word of God outlines the Biblical feasts to bring blessing and to speak to us through the celebration He has outlined for us all.  We realize that Passover bears great significance in this season. Our brothers and sister in Israel are at this moment celebrating the end of the Passover season as they cry out to God and praise Him for the deliverance they received from Egypt in the past and the deliverance they receive as they raise their prayers to Him now. God is faithful. We pray for peace for Israel.

We see that there is a common thread moving from the old testament into the new testament.

One does not have greater significance than the other but instead, God weaves a thread through them both to show his ultimate plan of redemption, sanctification, deliverance and judgment, praise and completion.

God hears the cries of his people.  He sees their struggles and makes a way for their future.

When God sent Moses to free his people Moses came up against Pharaoh who had his own plans.  He would not release Israel but made things even more difficult for the people. 

But God answered Pharaoh with plagues, that showed Pharaoh our God is greater than any of the worlds gods.

When Pharaoh does release the people, he has a change of heart and begins to pursue them again. This leaves them trapped at the Red Sea where God then makes a way where it seems there is no way for their deliverance.  Pharaoh and his soldiers are swallowed up, while the Israelites are set free.

We too as Christians remember Jesus is the passover lamb.  We need to know the doorpost of our heart’s are marked with the blood of the lamb.  In this way we know that God sees our hearts and provides for our redemption. Passover is a celebration of God seeing our need for a Savior and providing Jesus as our deliverer. We can rejoice that when it looks as though we are living Red Sea moments and it looks like we have nowhere to turn, Jesus makes a way where there seems to be no way.

 When we are delivered from our Red Sea moments it is important that we fix our gaze on Jesus and not find other things to distract us and take our attention from him. He is the one who shows us the way forward. 

I recently heard a minister speak and she asked “Are there things pursuing you that seem like Red Sea moments?” 

The same God that made a way where there seemed to be no way in the Red Sea is the same God that can open a door of deliverance to you today and provide a pathway forward.”

May the blessing of Passover bring to remembrance where God has parted your Red Seas and fill your hearts with praise and hope for your future.

We all experience Red Sea moments in life and business, we at Signet would be honored to come alongside you in the pathway forward!

Sonia Riske


Signet Ministries

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