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A Time To Pivot

Updated: Feb 1

We are in such a pivotal time, do you feel it?

Everything is changing and shifting.

The question is, will you move with the shifting season?

Back in November, the Lord spoke a word into my spirit, He said;

“Rebecca, nothing will ever look the same again, but you’re going to be OK”.

This wasn’t a word just for me, it was a word for the body of Christ to not only mature our emotions, but to prepare us to pivot.

The word pivot means “a marked change”.

To change location and direction.

To reposition ourselves.

God is telling us its time to pivot, to move from out of the place you feel worn out.

It’s time to break away from all former things that are old, heavy, stagnant, and expired.

A time to step into new realities!

For some business owners who have been working in one area – the Lord is going to cause you to focus in another area completely. He may be telling you to “cast your net on the other side of the boat” Just like Jesus told the disciples to do. When they cast their nets on the opposite side of the boat, they pivoted. They shifted over and they caught abundance!

For some, your pivot might look like making an adjustment in your relationships or mindset. Either way, be willing to take the risk to shift into the new place God may have for you.

When you change direction (pivot), you start to break free from the “things” that once held you tethered. You become untied from whatever that “thing” is that has been holding you back.

Take inventory of your surroundings, and when you identify what is hindering your pivot, bring it to the Lord immediately.

He’s waiting!

Do it now and be encouraged with His promise in Jeremiah 32:26

“behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me?”

If we're being honest, stepping out of the former things is not always easy – but the great news is there is a grace to carry you through the tough stuff.

How do you recognize when it's time to pivot?

God places a desperate hunger inside of you to move out of your current position.

There is a tension, a dissatisfaction, like your hungry for more but nothing is quenching your thirst.

Nothing is satisfying.

If this is you, I have great news!

God is stirring things up on your behalf to cause you to move out of your comfort zone, to move you out of complacency.


For you to step into His momentum - the flow of His timing.

This is critical!

When we move in His timing, the wind of God will blow on it.

When you make the pivot God is calling you to make, He will breathe on it and you will see what He has promised for you.

When you choose to pivot, you’re making a decision that will bring about REVOLUTIONARY change that will not only affect your personal life, but your business and everything concerning you.

Nothing is left out!

Take courage, make necessary changes, and heed what God is directing you to do. Dive into His word that has the wisdom and insight you need.

Do it now and you will see God give you one of the greatest seasons of your life.

Its there for the taking!

If you need prayer, or a word of encouragement, schedule time with our Signet team today. We are waiting to meet you at your point of desperation to help navigate your journey to pivot!


Rebecca Hernandez


Signet Ministries 

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Signet Ministries
01 feb

Excellent word Rebecca!

Thank You Lord for the grace You give to pivot! ❤️

Me gusta
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